How To Use The Obsidian Facial Roller

The next thing I want to show you is this beautiful Obsidian facial roller. This is good. Obsidian is another stone. It’s a lava stone and it's this beautiful black, but this is definitely about removing negative energy and knowing your strength. I roll it on my eyes. I roll it underneath my eyes too, all of my face, definitely the neck and it feels amazing. And you can do this multiple times. You don't have to do it just one time. I am strong and capable and unstoppable. I'm strong, capable and unstoppable. I am strong, capable and unstoppable. I love that so much and another strong thing about the mantras is being able to speak them to yourself. A lot of times using a mirror is really powerful to do that.You can just say it 10 times with your face to the mirror looking at yourself. I am strong, capable and unstoppable. I am strong, capable and unstoppable and it's really powerful. Because, you start to really hear and what you believe is what you take in. - Alicia

How To Use: Starting on the neck, gently roll the facial roller upward and outward in smooth strokes. Continue making your way to the face with rolling motions across the chin, cheeks, eye area, and forehead.

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