How To Use The Sage + Oat Milk Candle

You know in the morning and in the night I love a candle. And so I will take this calming candle at the beginning of my ritual, I light it, and I will literally close my eyes and say a little prayer. I'll think of something that I really want to bring to fruition today. On this candle is the mantra that says “I shine at full wattage”. To me mantras are so big and it's such a simple way to do something powerful and to start to put in your head things that you wanted to learn and how to express what it is that you need. I think that's one of my things that I had a lot of difficulty with even expressing or being put into words what it was that I felt. And so ”I shine at full wattage” is our reminder that we are out here to be brilliant, we're out here to be powerful, we are out here to be as bright as we can possibly be. If anybody doesn't like your brightness, then you should probably move on from them because they should encourage you to shine at full wattage . - Alicia

How to Use: Place the candle on a stable, heat-resistant surface. Light and breathe in the candle's soothing fragrance.

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Sage + Oat Milk Scented Candle