Turning Skin Routines Into Rituals: Part 2

Learn how Alicia and Dr. Renee Snyder moisturize and treat with our Skin Transformation Cream, Obsidian Facial Roller, Comforting Balm, and Reviving Aura Mist.

[Alicia Keys] We put on that Transformation Face Cream. It's light, you know, it feels really good. It's not super heavy. Maintains that fresh scent, not overbearing at all. This feels really great. It's going to make you feel plumped and radiant. It has this awesome ingredient called bakuchiol. Bakuchiol? Can you say that right? Yeah, bakuchiol. Aw, I did it. Bakuchiol, which is so cool because it's like a plant based version of retinol. So the malachite crystal is all about transformation and that's what helped give its name too

So the next thing I want to show you is this beautiful Obsidian facial roller. This is good. Obsidian is another stone. It's a lava stone, but this is definitely about removing negative energy and knowing your strength.

And if you're like me, you are a lip gloss, lip balm fanatic. That's me. This is for you. Mmm, it's so good. You can put it anywhere. You can put it under your eyes if you want a bit. You can put it on your nails, your elbows. You know you dry and looking like you need some help. Mm-hmm (affirmative). This is it. And it is so good.

[Dr. Renee Snyder] The magic of this product and this beautiful Comfort face and lip balm comes from the camellia seed oil and the avocado oil. That's what revitalizes the look of dull and dehydrated skin with the clarity and the dewiness that it leaves.

[Alicia Keys] Which is a perfect time for my next gorgeous, gorgeous offering. It's called the Reviving Aura face mist. It is amazing. And I love mist. Mmm, it has rose in it. And when you smell it, it smells really, really good. Really, really gorgeous. So this mantra says I am as free as the air, which yeah. Because we are free. You ain't got to hold back.

I love to do things that make me feel good. And this whole Soulcare experience makes me feel so good. Especially just remembering our power, our strength, who we are, surrounding us of the good things. That you're free as the air, that you're strong and capable and unstoppable. All the things that we need to remember.

I couldn't be more excited. This is crazy. And I'm so blessed that we get to share these ways together. And that's why I call them offerings. I don't like using any other words. I love that they are offerings. They're an offering to us to invite ourselves, to really show up for ourselves, and to love on ourselves, and give time to ourselves and show our daughters and our sons and our loved ones how important it is to do that. And you don't have to feel guilty about it and you don't have to feel like you shouldn't be doing it. You have a hundred other things to do. It's just as important as everything else.

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