The Journey: Part 1

Learn about the journey that led Alicia to create Keys Soulcare.

Hi. All right.

Beauty to me is kindness. It's bravery. Beauty is just this undefinable thing that comes from the inside out. I have always struggled with my skin. And since I was a kid starting out in the industry and just being thrust into a world that was so new for me and terrifying, my skin just continuously got worse. I've always been very fascinated with how do we care for our skin and ourselves? My skin changed when I started to look more inside of myself, taking care of what I put inside my body, who I had around me, what energy I was allowing around me. And so all these things put together made me realize how much I empathize and understand the journey that all of us are on to really have beautiful skin and a beautiful body and a beautiful mind. That's why we grew created Soul Care because I realize now that it's everything together that makes it work, that makes you change. I love this word Soul Care. It's this idea of really nurturing and nourishing you up in here.

Keys open doors. And this is another beautiful door that we get to walk through together. It all just made sense. The vibe is for us. It's for all of us, all of our stories. Everything that has been poured into this is 100 billion percent my whole vibe. It's been so fun to uncover these pieces of what I believe are really going to resonate with people. And also just make us look at things a little bit differently because we're so busy all the time that I don't think we create these small ways of rituals for ourselves. And so the five minutes it takes to wash your face, if you're able to create that space for yourself, I think that's really powerful. A few moments in a day where you can think about yourself more beautiful, more powerful, more possible, and you can find space for yourself, there's nothing you can't create.

- Alicia Keys