How To Use Reviving Aura Fast Mist

My next gorgeous offering is called the Reviving Aura Mist. It is amazing. And I love mist. Has rose in it, which is super heart opening and after all those things it just helps to definitely clear and make you feel moisturized. Give you some mist on that beautiful face and in that spirit. Now, when you smell it, it smells really, really good. Really, really gorgeous.

So this mantra says, "I am as free as the air", which yeah. Because, we are free.

So the Aura Mist has rose of Jericho, which is super beautiful. I love rose. I love how it smells and it is heart opening and also uses witch hazel, which is great for your skin. And also skin like mine when I have to kind of like control it and keep it under control, that kind of thing. And it’s, you know, these are obviously all ancient things that are used for years in ancient cultures. I’m a really big lover of ancient cultures. I just think there was so much thought that was put into how it was cultivated from the earth and then how it was medicine for us and this beautiful positive way that a lot of ancient culture is something that I’m always thinking about and studying and going to, and really excited about. So a lot of that energy is inside Keys Soulcare.     - Alicia

How To Use: Close your eyes and spray the facial mist generously from six inches away. Use the mist throughout the day. Helps to refresh and renew your skin.

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