How To Use Golden Face Cleanser

I get my golden facial cleanser! Look at this gorgeous bottle! No seriously, when you put your hand on this, it is a major good feeling. The color is purple and it was definitely inspired a lot by amethyst. There's a lot of stones that have inspired these offerings and amethyst is a beautiful stone that I love so much. The color purple is really definitely one of my favorite colors so you will notice as you look at these bottles are beautiful. They’re glass and they are this gorgeous purple. You know, I tend to be a little excessive with how much I like to use, but this is great. It's very light and gets nice and lathery, which I like. I love it has Manuka honey in it which is one of my favorites as well a lot of the product of a lot of the product that we put inside are things that I love and things that I really use, things that we can drink and eat and all the things see. Wash the cleanser off your face. Boom! The cleanser’s mantra is “I am devoted to this moment” you know because I think a lot of times life is super fast and you feel like you got to speed and get everything done. And, you always think about the next thing, or you’re thinking about what already happened, you’re feeling guilty about this and that. And being devoted to this moment right here for yourself is a beautiful thing. So be devoted to this moment! - Alicia

How To Use: Pump facial cleanser into wet hands and work into a lather. Gently massage over your face and neck and rinse with warm water.

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Golden Face Cleanser