Everything is Connected

Discover what community and connection mean to Keys Soulcare.

A light worker is a person who is a warrior of light, showing people what it looks like to shine, to be completely yourself and to be about something, lifting up people with you. You know what I mean?

I live quite far away from my family, so it's really important for me to stay connected. There is something really special about family and the people in your support system, community in general, and that energy is really important to me.

I love to travel, to push myself, to go someplace new, someplace I have never been before. It makes me a better person, and better and stronger for my community.

One thing that I always keep in mind is doing my best to show up authentically, even if I'm not in the mood the day. Even on the bad days, there is still the good. And even on the good days, I am sure there is still a bit of bad. There is a balance.

Everyone can wake up every day and just decide to spread positive light in the world. I mean, I think for all of us, we all need to find our community, to find our tribe, and to do the work we need to do to make this world a better place.

Nothing feels better than connection. I don't have to know you to feel you. It's so beautiful to just listen and learn from each other.