Skincare Makeup FAQs

At Keys Soulcare we don't call it makeup, we call it make you. Minimalist makeup is the art of using just enough to enhance your features. No more. There is no thick foundation, no “baking” of powder, no heavy contouring. Think of concealer only where you need it. A flush of blush on your cheeks as if you just got back from the gym. A soft wash of color on your eyes. A tinted lip balm. The idea is to define and enhance your features with the minimum amount of color as you can.
In all truth, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. If you feel great in a certain makeup shade, then it’s the color for you. For guidance, try using foundation that matches the skin along your jawline (it will blend beautifully between your neck and your face). For blush, try shades that you naturally flush when you’ve worked out or have been out in the cold. For lips, if you have cool-toned skin, try shades that are a blue/purple undertone. If you have warm-toned skin, try shades that are more orange. Can’t tell the difference? Put the two lip colors next to each other. You will see one take on more of a blue tone and one take on more of an orange tone. Again, if the makeup shade makes you feel amazing, then it’s the right color for you.
“Make you” is not about covering up everything with cosmetics. It’s not about hiding things. It’s about celebrating who you are. And doing it unapologetically. It’s about helping you unlock who you truly are and inspiring you to live your true self each and every day. Some days you are quiet, shy, introspective and so you’ll wear a soft blush sheer lip tint. On other days you are tackling everything the world has thrown at you and handling things like a boss with a bold coral lip color. Every day you are the best version of you and “make you” makeup helps you with that journey.