Behind Make You, Skincare Makeup Hybrid, with Alicia

Alicia talks about the journey that led to Make You: color-skincare hybrids to nurture and celebrate what makes you, you.

I definitely have been on my own self-discovery journey, for sure. I felt like I had to please people, I had to be perfect. I definitely thought I had to be perfect. I was holding on to all these standards of beauty. As you may have seen, I definitely rebelled and I had to go all the way over there in order to just find my voice, to discover who I wanted to be and how I wanted to be. You get to decide what makes you, you. I get to create my own beauty standards. So that might be fresh faced, that might be full wattage, whatever that is. It's whatever feels good for you.

So let me introduce you to these beautiful new skincare makeup hybrid product offerings that we're bringing through Keys Soulcare. And, it's also the bridge between skincare and color. And it's good for your skin. It nurtures and nourishes your skin, and it also allows you to have fun. The first thing I do that I know you're going to love is this, Illuminating Facial Serum. It's amazing. You put it underneath, and it immediately prepares your skin. It's just simple and gorgeous, instinct glow. Boom.

So this gorgeous one is called Powerful. Boom, powerful. I put it on with my brush. I get it up in there. After that, this Comforting Balm, lip balm tint. As we know, the Comforting Balm is a favorite on the Keys Soulcare line, and this one has that same soft, amazing feel. And this one's called Manifestation because I'm manifesting everything that I want. It's pretty light, pretty easy, but it just turns up the vibe. A little of it feels natural and also has a little pop of color. I love the ease of that. This is super gorgeous and very soft.

The other thing is this amazing clear eyebrow gel. So good, it's a soft hold. I like to kind of bring the brows up, not too perfect. I told you I'm done being perfect. We all about just going with how you feel, be you, make you. Do that with this brown gel, kind of let it vibe. And then boom, that's it, survive. So I'm super excited because I love this. It's so good. It is so special. Like I said, it's good for your skin as well as fun to play with. You could build it up, break it down, however you're feeling. Don't forget, you do you. And you're going to love this. Super blessing. Super love. Can't wait to see you soon. - Alicia Keys

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