Body Care FAQs

What body products should I use to exfoliate?

There are two types of body products you can use to exfoliate- mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Mechanical exfoliation uses a textured scrub to physically remove the dead skin cells off your body. Chemical exfoliation uses chemicals such as AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids) and BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids) to dissolve the dead skin cells. When choosing which product to use, many dermatologists and skin care experts recommend you take into account your skin type (sensitive, dry, oily, etc.). Regardless of the type of exfoliator you use, be gentle with your skin and always moisturize after exfoliating.

How often should you exfoliate your body?

How often you exfoliate your body depends on your skin type* as well as the type of exfoliator you are using. If you are using a more aggressive exfoliator or have sensitive skin, then you do not need to exfoliate as often. Be careful to not over-exfoliate your skin or you could end up with irritated, red skin. And never exfoliate skin that has open cuts or scrapes or skin that is sunburned.

What is the difference between body wash and soap?

The job of a body wash and soap are essentially the same to remove dirt and debris from your skin. A body wash typically contains extra ingredients to help treat various skin conditions. While soap does an excellent job at cleansing your skin, some people such as those with dry skin or other skin concerns might want to choose a cleansing body wash designed for their skin concern.

How do you choose a body lotion or body moisturizer?

When choosing a body lotion or body moisturizer take into account your skin type. Dry skin has different needs than oily skin. Regardless of your skin type, many dermatologists and skin care experts recommend finding a lotion/moisturizer with antioxidants in it. Antioxidants help to protect the skin and promote new cell growth.