How To Use Rich Nourishing Body Cream

I love this rich nourishing body cream. It is amazing. It has that beautiful sage and oatmeal scent we love. Look at the bottle. I mean it’s like this gorgeous light purple that’s my favorite. And, if you touch it, it is so luxurious, so creamy. Man, it’s perfect for summer. It has the cocoa butter, the Shea butter. All of those things are gonna give your skin not only that gorgeous glow, but that beautiful nourishment and love. And, my favorite part? The mantra, of course. It says, “My body is a vessel for love, light, and strength.” Say that about 100 times. Feel me. Yum“   - Alicia Keys

How To Use Body Cream:

  • While skin is still damp from bathing, warm a small amount of this hydrating body cream in your hands and gently massage onto skin
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    Rich Nourishing Body Cream